As good for you as they look, Breeze™ apples are a great source of natural energy for people and families on the move.

Ripened in the clarity and strength of New Zealand sunlight

  • Our sunshine is one of the most potent in the world, with very high levels of ultra-violet light.
  • With a lot less pollution in the southern hemisphere to block the sun's rays, Breeze™ apples are ripened by the purest light.
1000 hours of sunshine graphic

Red Skin

Ever wondered why some apples are red?

  • When apple trees are exposed to high levels of UV, they protect their fruit by making extra polyphenols, which are visible as the red colouring of the skin.
  • Remember to always eat your apples unpeeled, because much of the health benefits come from the skin.

Thousands of Polyphenols
in every apple

  • Polyphenols are naturally-occurring antioxidants that help to combat cell damage – from a health standpoint, the more polyphenols the better.
  • Inside your body, polyphenols are beneficial in many ways, helping reduce the risk of asthma, assist lung function, support heart health, and  even help decrease the risk of diabetes.
Polyphenol structure

New Zealand's ideal growing environment

  • plentiful, fresh rainfall
  • rich soils
  • high quality sunlight
  • low air-pollution levels

Concentrated Goodness

  • When you see Breeze™ apples for sale, you can be confident they’re the freshest apples New Zealand can produce.
  • Every bite is a burst of concentrated goodness that helps you to feel good and live a longer, healthier life.
A Breeze appleHalo over a Breeze apple